The traditional industry benefited from the tourism boom and for the first time exceeded one billion dirhams in exports – Today 24

Fatima Zahraa Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Traditional Industry, Social and Solidarity Economy, said that traditional industry in Morocco is experiencing an important revival due to the boom experienced by the tourism sector.

The Minister recorded, during her participation in the oral questions session in the House of Advisors, today, Tuesday, that for the first time, traditional industry exports exceeded one billion dirhams in 2022.

She added that this recovery continues during the first ten months of this year, with an increase of 8 percent compared to last year, without counting the products purchased by tourists, which will reach 10 billion dirhams by the end of the year.

Regarding the ministry’s strategy to advance the sector, the minister said that the intended goal is to advance the sector to become a modern, competitive, structured sector, noting that the strategy depends on structuring and organizing the sector on the one hand, and developing the offer, development of supply and marketing on the other hand.

The Minister indicated that a special law regulating traditional industry activities was issued and regulates 172 professions, and a national registry for traditional crafts was established, which recorded the registration of 377 thousand male and female manufacturers.

She stressed that the register is important to benefit from health coverage, as today there have been 620,000 registered in the Social Security Fund, who will benefit from support, financing and training programmes.

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