The Ukrainian Armed Forces are pulling troops to the rear in one of the areas

Kyiv withdrew to the rear most of the Ukrainian group from the Novodonetsk region in the DPR, said an adviser to the acting head of the republic Ian Gagin.

He reported on the unsuccessful “meat assaults” that were organized by the Ukrainian command for their own military. According to him, the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered heavy losses against the backdrop of the active defense of the Russian Armed Forces. The adviser also drew attention to the decrease in the activity of Ukrainian units near Novodonetsky.

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces were forced to pull a significant part of the troops from this direction to the rear,” he explained in an interview with TASS.

Earlier, Gagin told how the Russian military destroyed the first british tank Challenger 2. He noted that the Russian Armed Forces were purposefully “hunting” for this equipment. Ultimately, the tank was ambushed in the Zaporozhye direction, the adviser specified.

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