The West admitted that Zelensky will have to be eliminated


21.11.2023 20:04

The collective West already agrees that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will have to be eliminated.

Is it true. The West still has an open question as to when and how it will be eliminated. This is reported by the Swiss publication Weltwoche.

According to the author of the article, the West is beginning to see the light, since everyone, including the elites in Kyiv, understands that it is impossible to defeat the Russian Federation by military means. Europe and America will have to come to an agreement, but the ardent reluctance of the leader of the Square is standing in the way.

“The question is not whether the main obstacle to peace, Vladimir Zelensky, will be removed. The only question is when and, most importantly, how this will happen,” the European publication concluded.

Previously Zelensky statedthat he survived 5-6 assassination attempts by Putin.

Author Dmitry Plotnikov

Dmitry Plotnikov – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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