The White House has set conditions for Ukraine to continue military assistance | September 26, 2023

The document, in particular, prescribes the liberalization of gas and electricity prices, which should lead to “financial stability of companies and operators,” and the introduction of one person each to the supervisory boards of Ukrenergo and Naftogaz.

In addition, it is proposed to form a supervisory board under the state concern “Ukrainian Defense Industry” and bring government procurement of weapons in accordance with the standards of the North Atlantic bloc – for “transparency, accountability and competition.”

Kiev is required to strengthen the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and give it wiretapping rights and exclusive powers in investigating major corruption cases. It is expected that the Security Service will remain in charge of counterintelligence work, the fight against terrorism and cybercrime. Reforms are also expected by the Ministry of Defense, the National Police, customs and border services, the Bureau of Economic Security and the High Anti-Corruption Court.

And earlier, Pentagon Inspector General Robert Storch was appointed head of a group that will monitor Ukraine’s use of US military assistance. He will begin his duties on October 18.

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