The winner of a beauty contest among cows was announced in Yakutia | November 21, 2023

Publication “SAKHALIFE.RU” writes that the Telei House of Folk Art “Aartyk” and the administration of the Telei Nasleg of Yakutia summed up the results of the beauty contest among cows “Dressed Up Cow” (“Simemmit Maanykai”). The competition is being held for the third time, this year 13 contestants took part in it, not only from Yakutia, but also from Crimea and the Kaluga region.

The three-year-old cow Manik (“Shalunya”) from the village of Sylgy-Yytar, Srednekolymsky district, was recognized as the absolute winner. Her owner was given 10 thousand rubles.

Voting in the “People’s Choice Award” nomination was held on the Vkontakte social network – the winner was 12-year-old Kharachaas from the village of Borogon (Namy) in the Bulun district. The owner of the burenka will receive a fishing sleigh from the administration.

A special prize from the author of the competition was given to the owner of the cow Khara kyys from Iskrovsky nasleg, Namsky district. She will receive three thousand rubles.

Recently the Australian Crested Grebe won “Bird of the Century” award. And all this thanks to a joke.

Olesya Mayevskaya

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