These are the benefits of playing baseball

Have you ever tried to hit the ball with a bat? Playing baseball is not only fun, but it also brings great benefits.

Almost all of us imagined hitting the ball with such force that we knocked it out of the stadium to the stunned gaze of the crowd. The next action is to go around the field until completing a home run. It is possible that we cannot make that dream come true, but we can give ourselves the pleasure of trying. Read on to learn a little more about baseball and its benefits.

Baseball is a sport that is played by teams. Broadly speaking, it consists of hitting the ball with a bat and managing to overcome all the bases until completing a career.

For their part, the opposing players must try to reach the ball and neutralize the runners. It is a very popular sport in North America, Central America, and Asia. Italy, the Netherlands, and South Africa also often field strong teams in international competitions.

Necessary elements to practice it

To play baseball we will need a bat and a ball. In the case of a recreational practice, we can replace these elements with other similar or homemade ones.

For a training or competition game we will have to think of more complete equipment, such as the one detailed below:

  • Uniform: consists of helmet and knee pads. The receiver wears a protective mask.
  • Ball: it is spherical and small. It can be made of synthetic leather or other materials and sewn with thread or string. Professionals measure between 22.5 and 24 centimeters in circumference and weigh about 142 grams.
  • Bat: there are different weights and sizes. The most common are wood and aluminum.
  • Glove or mitt: used in the defensive phase. It serves as protection for the hand when catching the ball.

The launch of the ball is done from a mound elevated from the rest of the field. The team that manages to score the most runs over nine innings (innings) is the winner.

These are the main benefits of playing baseball

Baseball brings us many benefits, both for physical and social aspects since it is a team sport. It is a practice that allows us to lead a healthy lifestyle, which we should accompany with better daily habits and a good diet.

Burn fat and build muscle

With the practice of baseball, the legs, forearms, wrists, and abdomen are worked. In addition, it is estimated that for every hour of play, you can lose up to 300 calories, although this will depend on your height, weight, gender, and body mass.

Increases reflexes

Visual acuity is an indispensable quality in baseball. For example, the batter has less than one second from the time the ball was delivered to decide if he will attempt to hit it, while he must hit with proper technique and as accurately as possible.

Studies of head and eye movement in batting show that hitters tend to move their heads more in the direction of the ball than their eyes, at least until flicking occurs.

Improve physical condition

Baseball practice activates every muscle in the body. The improvement in physical condition will also be reflected in sports performance.

A study carried out with university baseball players warns that those who present more optimal functional movement patterns demonstrate better athletic performance in speed and agility. On the other hand, it gives us great flexibility, since we must make quick and agile movements.

Encourage teamwork

There are many sports in which teamwork prevails and baseball is one of them. Each member fulfills a specific role and everyone must contribute their own to achieve victory.

We will know that there will also be the possibility of being defeated. When this happens, it is better to deal with it as a group rather than individually.

Acts against stress

All physical activity helps control anxiety and cortisol levels, which is the main stress hormone. The tension of the game leads us to focus our attention on what is happening there and forget about external factors.

In addition, at present some therapies are carried out to eliminate anger that consists of breaking objects by hitting them with a bat. As you can see, baseball is also a mirror for other activities that bring us benefits.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases

The practice of baseball contributes to improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The greatest trigger point for circulation occurs when running to the bases.

Playing baseball is a great way to exercise, have fun, and improve your health. It is a very popular sport in some regions and not so much in others, but the mere fact of trying a bat catches the attention of the majority.

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