These are the cities in Russia that have the most workaholics. Interesting data | November 20, 2023

Most workaholics are in Moscow – this is the opinion of 49% of respondents who participated in a survey by the service. The research is available to RBC Life. More than 3.5 thousand service users over 18 years of age from all regions of Russia took part in it. The survey period is November 2023.

The main selection criteria respondents named the dynamic pace of life in Moscow (74%), opportunities for earning money (64%), and many opportunities for career growth (56%).

According to 20% of respondents, there are many workaholics in St. Petersburg. The main criteria for such an assessment are a high pace of life (69%), opportunities for earning money (62%) and a large number of enterprises (60%).

In the third place of cities with a large number of workaholics, according to respondents, is Novosibirsk (18%). Criteria: many businesses (63%), opportunities to earn money (57%), dynamic pace of life (51%).

In fourth place is Chelyabinsk (16%). The criteria for selection were the number of enterprises (75%), the characteristic feature of the population (58%), and earning opportunities (46%).

Tyumen (15%) closes the top 5 cities with workaholics. Selection criteria: many enterprises (63%), opportunities for earning money (57%), characteristic feature of the population (44%).

“When talking about workaholism as a characteristic feature of the population, respondents most often noted residents of Moscow (48%), Chelyabinsk (30%), Yekaterinburg (25%), Novosibirsk (24%) and Tyumen (22%),” the study notes. .

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