This is a Good & Cool Waterfall or Curug in Bogor

Talking about Bogor for residents of the capital city and its surroundings means a short getaway with a cool weekend. Yup, the city that has the nickname City of Rain is indeed famous for its natural beauty because it is located at an altitude with hilly topographic contours.

Because it is known as a holiday destination, various tourist destinations have sprung up in Bogor. Starting from places that are deliberately made attractive as tourist destinations, to natural destinations whose beauty has just been revealed.

If you are planning a vacation to Bogor, Hipwee Travel has recommendations for 8 waterfall destinations in Bogor that can be an option if you are tired of urban tourism.

1. Orok Waterfall

Curug Orok is a waterfall from the Cirangrang River which is in the Megamendung area, Bogor. It is called orok because the size of the waterfall there is quite small, like a child as the word orok means in Sundanese.

Due to its small size, this waterfall offers an intimate, natural impression. To be able to play as much water as you like, you only need to pay 12 thousand rupiah.

2. Putri Kencana Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Karang Tengah Village, Babakan Madang, Bogor. If you want to go there, you can use a car or motorbike because the access is quite easy to reach. By paying an entrance ticket of only 15 thousand rupiahs, you can enjoy the beauty of the Putri Kencana waterfall.

The waterfall area in Bogor is also equipped with atmosphere-supporting ornaments such as a 10-meter-high bamboo bridge. What makes it even more interesting, you can also set up a tent in the waterfall area by paying an additional fee of 15 thousand rupiah.

3. Cikuluwung Waterfall

Want a more exotic atmosphere? Try stopping by Curug Cikuluwung. Located right in Suka Asih Village, Cibitung Wetan Village, Pamijahan District. This waterfall which is surrounded by rocky cliffs inspires enthusiasm to quickly dive.

Try to imagine the cool river water plus the landscape framed by cliff rocks. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Cikuluwung Waterfall, you only need to pay a ticket of 10 thousand rupiah.

4. Leuwi Lieuk

You are familiar with the Leuwi Hejo waterfall, right? Well, Leuwi Lieuk is not far from that place, namely in the Babakan Madang area, Sentul, Bogor. Reportedly, Leuwi Lieuk is not as busy as Leuwi Hejo. This is because access to this waterfall is quite draining.

But don’t worry, your tiredness will be commensurate with the clear flow of river water that is enclosed by rock walls. For some tourists and the public, Leuwi Lieuk is also known as Bogor’s Green Canyon.

5. Luhur Waterfall

So, this one destination can be an option if you intend to vacation with your family. Because apart from having a waterfall, the Curug Luhur area also has artificial water rides complete with various facilities.

This waterfall, which is located in Gunung Malang Village, Tenjolaya, Bogor Regency, has a height of 62 meters, with walls full of plants that make it look beautiful. Because there are various facilities besides the natural waterfall, to enter Curug Luhur you have to pay a ticket of 40 thousand rupiah per person.

6. Curug Mariuk

To get to Curug Mariuk you also need extra energy. The reason is that you have to do trekking to the waterfall which is in the Masigit Hills, Sukamakmur Village, Bogor Regency.

But take it easy, the effort will not betray the results. Upon arrival at Curug Mariuk, all tiredness will soon be relieved, because the charm of this place is like private property. If you want to swim, be careful, yes, the river flow is quite fast.

7. Curug Leuwi Cibaliung

To enjoy the beauty of Curug Leuwi Cibaliung, you have to trek for about 1.5 hours to Kampung Wadung, Karangtengah Village, Babakan Madang District.

Along the trekking route, you will be entertained by the views that unfold. Arriving at the destination, then all tired turned into feelings of happiness. Tourists who have visited Curug Leuwi Cibaliung are referred to as a small paradise in the Sentul area.

8. Curug Love

Geographically, Curug Love is located in Bantar Karet Village, Nanggung District, Bogor Regency. Previously the name of this waterfall was Curug Leuwi Cateng. The name changed because the flow of the waterfall forms a heart symbol. Unlike other waterfalls in the mountains, this waterfall is located in the middle of rice fields and plantations.

So, those are 8 waterfall tourist destinations that you can try in Bogor. No need to spend deeply to enjoy the beauty of nature. Which waterfall do you want to visit the most? But later after the pandemic.

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