Time off for a grandson. In what case should employees be given additional leave? November 21, 2023

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Give grandparents five days of additional leave upon the birth of a grandchild offer V State Duma. experts appreciated this idea, and at the same time suggested other good reasons when a person should be released from work without hesitation.

Socially? – Guaranteed!

Social guarantees of the state imply obligations to citizens to raise new generations and provide all possible assistance to parents in this matter, says Associate Professor of the Department of Logistics Financial University at government of the Russian Federation Olga Zhiltsova.

“Grandmother’s leave at the birth of a grandchild is very necessary,” she says. — Moreover, it must be paid for from the Social Fund. When they raised the retirement age, they did not take into account the problem of grandchildren. In a situation where parents are building a career and earning money, they really need the help of the older generation. According to the old rules, grandmothers could already stay at home and take care of the baby themselves. They can’t do this with the new ones – they have to work a couple more years to officially retire.”

Such additional leave for the older generation is especially important for large families, Zhiltsova believes.

For such “units of society” it is important that at significant moments all adults: parents and grandparents – are at home. Otherwise, they simply won’t have enough hands and eyes to look after all the children—the future taxpayers.

Sick leave from the veterinarian

Additional leave should be provided for in all situations when a person needs to solve some everyday problems, and it will not be possible to do this without taking time off from work, and not just at the birth of a grandson, says Associate Professor of the Department of Financial, Economic and Business Education at the State University of Education Igor Prodchenko.

“Such leave should be provided in case of serious illness or injury of a close relative, or a utility accident, the elimination of the consequences of which requires the person’s personal participation,” the expert lists. “If a child was born in the family or there was a death of someone close, as well as if the pet is seriously ill, so that the owner can take it to veterinarians and care for it.”

While such additional non-working days are not provided for, people are trying to do everything at once: get things done and solve their problems, Prodchenko continues. As a result, there is not enough time and energy for anything, labor productivity drops, stress increases, and instead of the desired result, only new problems arise.

Everything can be agreed upon

If a person needs time for some of his business, he can take leave without pay or a piece of paid leave; no additional norm for grandparents is necessary, believes the associate professor of the basic department Chamber of Commerce RF “Development of Human Capital” Plekhanov Russian Economic University Lyudmila Ivanova-Shvets.

“In my opinion, this is already too much,” she explains. “So we will reach a state where there will be no time to work, and poor employers will only issue vacations and non-working days for any reason.” We already have quite a lot of rules for providing additional paid days at the expense of the employer, but these are days that are important for the state. And the provision of more paid days for grandparents can be regulated without introducing this norm at the state level.”

In addition, such a norm can be included in a collective agreement between the organization’s staff and its administration, recalls Ivanova-Shvets. To do this, it is necessary that such a request comes from employees, and the administration agrees to satisfy it.

Keep balance

Additional leave in the event of important events for a person is an excellent way to improve the quality of his life, says Nikita Chaplin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes.

“Recently, more and more people are paying attention to the importance of work-life balance,” he says. — Workers face increasing demands and stress in the workplace, which can negatively impact their physical and mental health. In addition to leave for the birth of grandchildren, you can consider providing personal days off in the event of a wedding, anniversary, anniversary, or particularly significant religious holidays. It is worth considering life crises, for example, divorce, death or serious illness of a loved one. Providing additional leave at such times will allow the employee to focus on their emotional and physical recovery without additional stress, and return to work faster.”

It is important to find a balance between the needs of the employee and the requirements of the employer in order to ensure the productivity and efficiency of the organization, the deputy emphasizes.

To do this, the provision of additional leave in special cases must be stipulated in the employment contract. This practice can be provided for in law, but it would be more convenient to solve all problems at the level of a specific organization, taking into account the work tasks of each employee and the possibility of replacing him with colleagues.

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