Top 5 mistakes that lead to weight gain


Since any diet is a temporary action, weight gain after its end is only a matter of time. The method of losing weight using a usual diet is the most effective way to lose weight today, after which the extra pounds do not return. A nutritionist told Pravda.Ru readers about what mistakes lead to weight gain after successful weight loss Maria Svechnikova.

Mistakes that lead to weight gain

  • We lost weight on an alien menu, but we didn’t understand the reasons for gaining extra pounds. We returned to our usual and beloved diet and gained those hated extra pounds. Until you eliminate the causes, the excess weight will return. To do this, consult a specialist or analyze your diet and eating behavior. An outsider can always see your shortcomings, since you may not notice obvious things.
  • Expecting results too quickly. Often, to achieve this goal, a weight loss method that is too strict is chosen. If you find it difficult to stick to a diet, then it is not suitable for you and, most likely, it is not suitable for almost anyone. Now there are many humane ways to lose weight. You need to choose what you can do and what will not harm your body. Conscious and intuitive eating gives great results if you understand all the nuances.
  • You shouldn’t choose too strict diets and set restrictions on a wide range of foods, since you can endure it for a month and dream of chocolate, but as soon as the diet ends, you will be unstoppable. Hunger has a cumulative effect and always works according to the same pattern: restrictions – breakdown – overeating. Overeating after a crash diet is a logical behavior for most people. In the world of evidence-based nutrition, they have now moved away from using prohibitions in healthy people.
  • There are hidden benefits to being overweight, and that extra weight helps you achieve something that is meaningful to you. Hidden benefits are formed unconsciously and are not visible at first glance. For example, a woman has a jealous husband, in order to get away from scandals, she tries to become less noticeable to the opposite sex. Fear of conflicts in the family wins, and in my head there is an attitude: “If I am fuller, there will be less jealousy.” Or a mother of three children is tired, has no strength for anything, and next to her is an active husband who loves hiking in the mountains. And she doesn’t even want to get up from the couch. Such a woman wants to relax alone at home, and not go on active hikes. Therefore, excess weight allows her to cancel heavy loads and send her children and her husband to the mountains, while she herself stays at home in silence and devotes time to herself. And in this case, you need to work with hidden benefits.
  • Inability to cope with emotions without food. We need to find other ways to console, pamper and delight ourselves. It’s worth making a list of what brings you joy. If you find that you don’t know what you like: start trying something new every week and evaluate whether you like it or not. This way you will create a new list of what you like.

It’s important to understand that weight gain isn’t just about what’s on your plate. Not a single extra kilogram comes for nothing. It is important to learn how to create a balanced plate from your usual diet.

It is equally important to learn to feel hunger and fullness in order to be able to stop on time. It is also worth creating an ideal and convenient diet for you, which will help you not feel hungry during the day and protect you from breakdowns.

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