TV presenter Dmitry Borisov returns to Channel One with a scandalous show about stars

Dmitry Borisov will now appear on television screens once a week.

Dmitry Borisov will now appear on television screens once a week.

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38-year-old Dmitry Borisov returns to the air of Channel One. But the talk show “Let Them Talk”, contrary to rumors, is not returning – and don’t expect it. Borisov will host another TV show.

As KP.RU found out, from September 30 on Saturdays on the First there will be an evening TV show “Exclusive”. Dmitry Borisov will interview the star in the broadcast studio – a frank conversation about personal matters, changes in life, scandals at work and other areas of life. According to rumors, actor Sasha Petrov, who recently got married, is being persuaded to come to the recording.

Are there any differences from the talk show “Let Them Talk”? A lot of them. There are no discussions, inflated conflicts or stories. The famous person himself tells exclusive stories about himself. They will give preference not to scandalous stories, but to happy, universal ones, etc. Dmitry Borisov is already recording an announcement for the channel: “I will talk with famous guests about personal things – about happy times, love, happiness and the transience of all this. Our new studio will definitely be warm, and sometimes even hot. A frank conversation is frank!”

The “Exclusive” program has already been on the screens for a short time. The most discussed issue then was the issue where the first and only interview was given by the young wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan – this was December 2018. There were also scandalous topics – with Decl’s mother, Evgeniy Zharikov’s mistress, Yulia Nachalova’s first husband, Elina Bystritskaya’s sister about who the artist was, etc.

After the talk show “Let Them Talk” was taken off the air a year and seven months ago, it was replaced by current news and analytical programs about the current situation in the country: there were rumors that Borisov was unemployed. But for 8 years now, Dmitry Borisov has been working as the general producer of Channel One. World Wide Web”, editor-in-chief of the channels “Dom Kino”, “Victory”, “Music of the First” and others. Recently launched a new TV channel about animals, “Paws Live”.

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