Ukraine asked the US for Winter Sentinels | November 22, 2023

Ukrainian officials explained to their American counterparts that while radars are no match for Abrams tanks or F-16 fighter jets, priority requests since the start of full-scale combat, they are critical in the winter.

New radars would provide greater air defense coverage to areas of Ukraine where Russian attacks are expected, and would also help protect military factories located on Ukrainian territory.

Sentinel is designed to track ballistic missiles, drones, aircraft, and other targets. The US Army website says that the range of the systems is 75 km.

Pentagon reminded the day before that continued support requires the consent of Congress. So far, congressmen cannot pass a budget bill. A temporary plan was approved, providing only for the necessary expenses to prevent a shutdown (suspension of government work) and not including assistance to Ukraine, Israel and other foreign partners. It is scheduled until mid-January. According to NBC, by the end of 2023, congressmen may adopt a compromise plan that would include assistance to Tel Aviv and Kyiv.

Ministry of Defense Russia has repeatedly emphasized that the Russian military only attacks Ukrainian military and energy facilities and related infrastructure.

The Russian side criticizes the supply of Western weapons to the Ukrainian army.

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