“Under Orbán, nearly four times as many pensioners live in poverty as before,” – this is what the DK promises them

Almost four times more pensioners live in poverty since Orbán’s administration – writes the DK in its statement sent to OS-MTI.

Photo: Facebook/Viktor Orbán

According to the latest data from the KSH, since the beginning of Viktor Orbán’s administration in 2010, there have not been as many pensioners living below the poverty line as now. The number of pensioners struggling to make ends meet has almost quadrupled, for which Orbán inflation, utility increases and food price hikes are responsible, says the party.

According to the Shadow Government, Hungarian pensioners need immediate, one-time financial support and quarterly pension adjustments.

In the long term, the Swiss indexation of pensions must be introduced so that the rise in pensions not only follows the rise in prices, but also in wages.

However, the Orbán government is raising pensions well below Orbán’s rate of inflation, so the care of the elderly is worth less and less than the store cash registers, writes DK.

Therefore, the Shadow Government led by Klára Dobrev is preparing for a social democratic turn after the change of government. We want European wages and pensions instead of almighty corporate profits, pension increases instead of price increases, a fair Hungary instead of serving the billionaire elite

– can be read in the statement of the opposition party.

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