Vladimir Friske: “Shepelev is a hypocrite: he doesn’t like animals. He kicked our dog.”

Dmitry Shepelev

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev arrived in Mariupol DPR to film a new show program about animals “In the Circle of Friends.” The announcement says that viewers can expect exclusive video reports and interviews with groomers, zoologists and other experts in the field of animal care.

The show premiered on September 9 on the Rossiya-1 channel. Dmitry Shepelev himself wrote on the pages of his Telegram channel that he was happy to participate in the filming of a new project.

“I have petted more animals in the last two weeks than I have in my entire life. Goats ate my T-shirt, shepherd dogs chewed my arm, a horse made a huge pile in the studio, and a cockatoo slept under my arm. I’m happy! Get ready to be cute,” Shepelev flirts with subscribers. He posted a photo of him feeding a porcupine, nutria, goats…

But no matter what he exhibits, no matter how hard he tries to please, few people believe in the sincerity of the cute Shepelev. Although the TV presenter has been silent lately, the Internet remembers everything. Russian patriots immediately remembered that after the start of the SVO, Shepelev showed solidarity with Ukraine… And now he got a job on a Russian TV channel. And he hosts a cute show about animals.

Journalist Mikhail Shakhnazarov was outraged that Shepelev was returned to Russian TV. For many years, Dmitry worked on Ukrainian television, hosted several shows, for which he received a lot of money. Now the scandalous presenter will talk with emotion about our little brothers. The father of his beloved Zhanna Friske, Vladimir Borisovich Friske, told us how much Shepelev sincerely loves animals.

– We had a small dog – a Jack Russell terrier, sweet, kind. So Shepelev kicked her,” said Vladimir Borisovich. “After that, the Jack Russell hid from him. Shepelev does not like dogs and is afraid of them. Shepherd dogs live in the house and do not bother anyone. But when Shepeleva arrived, they began to growl.

He is a hypocrite and an extraordinary liar. It’s just funny to me that now he seems to be a protector of dogs and other animals. Surely someone is patronizing him on television. He is an insincere, very deceitful person. He just wants money.

It is worth noting that Dmitry Shepelev still does not allow Zhanna Friske’s parents to meet with her son Platon, who is already 10 years old. The grandparents have no ties to their grandchild.


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