Vyacheslav Volodin invited law students to analyze the law banning the sale of vapes to children

On September 12, in honor of the beginning of the new academic year, Vyacheslav Volodin visited the Center for Monitoring Legislation and Law Enforcement at the Moscow State Law University. O.E. Kutafina (MSAL). There, the Chairman of the Duma spoke with students and teachers. After all, MSLA and its specialized Center help the Russian parliament with the analysis of laws and monitoring the correctness of their implementation on the ground.

According to Volodin, this practice needs to be continued – thus, during the meeting, Vyacheslav Viktorovich suggested that the Center at Moscow State Law Academy study the application of recently approved laws: banning the sale of vapes to minorsas well as the “law against liqueurs” (24-hour shops with booze in residential areas).

“This will allow, if necessary, to improve their standards,” Volodin said.

According to the Chairman, monitoring legislation helps people’s representatives understand how the law affects a person: does it make life easier – or is there some problem that needs to be corrected.

Volodin emphasized that it is necessary to involve in this process not only current legal experts, but also specialized students (including from Moscow State Law Academy):

“This will increase their competence and, perhaps, in the future will somehow influence their choice of profession,” explained Vyacheslav Viktorovich.

Previously, calculations from the Center for Monitoring Legislation and Law Enforcement at the Moscow State Law Academy were used to develop measures to combat sanctions and improve the well-being of citizens.

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