We can be happy in advance: there will be a six-day long weekend in 2024 has collected when there will be public holidays and long weekends in 2024, and when public holidays fall on weekends in 2024.

While there was no Saturday working day in 2023, in 2024 there will be three such one-day “working” weekends: August 3, December 7, and December 14.

There will also be plenty of long weekends, since not a single holiday falls on a weekend, so we can prepare for a total of seven long weekends. We show how they will develop:

Three-day long weekends in 2024:

December 30-31, 2023 and January 1 – Saturday, Sunday, Monday

March 15-16-17, 2024. – Friday Saturday Sunday

May 18-19-20, 2024. – Saturday, Sunday, Monday

November 1-2-3, 2024. – Friday Saturday Sunday

Four-day long weekends in 2024:

March 29-30-31 and April 1, 2024 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

August 17-18-19-20, 2024. – Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Six-day long weekend in 2024:

24-25-26-27-28-29 December 2024. – Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

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