We need resistance in its various forms against the Zionist entity (video) – Al-Youm 24

Saeed Khaled Al-Hassan, academic and head of the Jerusalem Support Conference, called for resistance to the Zionist occupation in various forms, including providing a safe base for armed resistance in the ring countries surrounding Palestine.

He explained that the victory of the resistance “is a liberation that leads, on the one hand, through struggle, struggle, and fighting, to the unity of the Arab and Islamic nation, and the elimination of dependence on the forces of hegemony and evil that are hostile to them.”
“Victory also leads to an end to the fragmentation that our nation is experiencing, which prevents the unification of the will of the Arab people, and the liberation of its capabilities that constrain and hinder its achievement of its goals of emancipation, liberation, and justice.”
He added, “There are many lessons that we must learn today regarding the strategy of fighting and war against the enemy in the circumstances of the Palestinian-Israeli or Arab-Zionist conflict. And we have to extract it from the ongoing war in Gaza.”
He continued during a meeting organized by the Khaled Al-Hassan Foundation for Studies and Research last Saturday, “There are repercussions before us from the events of last October 7 that serve as lessons that direct our eyes towards facts that have been confirmed in the awareness of our people, our masses, and among all the free people of the world.”
He mentioned among these facts: “The centrality of the Palestine issue to Arabs and Muslims, and the fact that the Palestine issue is an issue of occupation of a land and the persecution and displacement of a people, and that there is no solution to it except by liberating all of the land, returning all its people to it, and ending the Zionist system of extermination and displacement therein.”
In addition to the fact that “the inability of the Arab regime to confront the Zionist challenge has become a reality similar to the inability of this regime to liberate itself from colonial dependency.”
And also “revealing and exposing the truth of the falsity of the Zionist narrative, that the Arabs of Palestine immigrated voluntarily and were not forcibly displaced, and the fact that the Zionist action is based on violence, deception, and lies.”
In addition to revealing “the truth about the sickness and pathology of the Zionist personality, which holds the victim responsible for being forced to commit crime, destruction, displacement, and killing of children, and the truth of the fragility of the structure of the military and human arsenal of the Zionist entity due to its criminal, material and technological characteristics, behind which the criminals hide from the Zionists.”
He mentioned that when the contemporary Palestinian revolution began and announced its slogans at the beginning of 1965, it was holding the rifle on the path of the long-term people’s war. In doing so, it relied on God out of belief in its sacred duty to struggle until liberation.
He explained that at the same time it was announcing its slogan, “Revolution until victory, and revolution is our path to freedom,” noting that “at the same time it was affirming that the Palestinian revolution, if it was – and it is – Palestinian in face: it is Arab in depth, and it is like a lightning bolt that will explode the will of The fighting in our Arab nation, starting with the encirclement countries at that time.”
He mentioned that the march of the Mujahideen revolutionaries was not all victories. There are ebbs and flows, “but the surest anchor remains in the embers of faith in the cause and victory remaining a living, burning embers: carried by generation after generation until victory.”

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