We transplant an adult rose to a new place. Recommendations


20.11.2023 19:27

Most often, the need to replant an adult rose arises due to an unsuccessful choice of planting location or due to close placement in a dense composition with other perennial flowers.

Many gardeners prefer to carry out an autumn transplant, since growth and development have already stopped, which makes it easier for the plant to endure this traumatic procedure. Although replanting in the spring is also possible, timing becomes more difficult.

It is important to choose the right moment for autumn transplantation, without rushing, but also without delay. This usually occurs in late October or November, depending on weather conditions, completing the process 3-4 weeks before the onset of frost.

When replanting, the roots of the plant are inevitably injured, so it is important to balance the above-ground part and the remaining roots. The more damaged the roots are, the shorter the shoots should be cut so as not to take away strength and speed up the rooting of the bush in a new place.

It is recommended to remove all unnecessary shoots before transplanting, as well as shorten the remaining ones. After digging up the bush and inspecting the root system, a decision is made on which part of the shoots to keep, and they are pruned accordingly.

When digging up a rose, it is important to try to preserve the maximum number of roots and minimize their damage. This is done by starting digging at a certain distance from the bush and carefully studying the volume of the root system. The ideal option is to dig the rose in a coma of earth, but this is only applicable on dense soils. After digging, the roots are inspected, damaged areas are trimmed, and broken, dry and diseased roots are removed.

If the earthen ball is not preserved, the rose can be temporarily immersed in water to prevent the root system from drying out. However, special soaking of the seedling is not required, and it is usually not recommended to use stimulants during autumn transplantation.

It is best to prepare the planting hole in advance. The rose should be planted at the same depth as before, maintaining the growing depth. For grafted roses, it is important to deepen the grafting site. The soil is added gradually, carefully compacting each layer and watering with water. In case of dry and warm weather, it is recommended to temporarily cover the bush with film (on the installed frame) to retain moisture and create shelter from the sun after planting.

How to transplant an adult rose to a new place. Rose transplant time

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