What happened on November 21: a day in history | November 21, 2023

Source: UN/Mark Garten

Accountant Day in Russia

Accounting Specialist Day is not an official holiday, but is celebrated annually on November 21. On this day in 1996, the federal law “On Accounting” No. 129-FZ was signed, which has now lost force.

World Television Day

This international day began to be celebrated on November 21, 1996 at the initiative of the General Assembly UN. It was then that the first World Television Forum took place. The UN called on the world to share television programs to promote peace and development.

Today, television competes with the Internet. For example, in 2019, Russians watched 17 minutes less TV on average per day than a year earlier. According to Mediascope, Russians over four years of age spent an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes per day watching TV in 2019.

Tax Worker Day of the Russian Federation

Every year on November 21, the Day of the Tax Authorities of the Russian Federation is celebrated. The date of the holiday is connected with the fact that on November 21, 1991, by presidential decree No. 218, an independent State tax service Russian Federation.

world greetings day

In 1973, brothers Michael and Brian McComack in the United States came up with World Greeting Day.

They sent letters of warm greetings to all corners of the world and asked the recipients to greet more someone at least ten people.

The idea, presented at the height of the Cold War, during the conflict between Egypt and Israel, was supported in more than 180 countries. Since then, every year on November 21, the world has celebrated Welcome Day to remind that conflicts should be resolved through communication, not the use of force.

Wedding of John III Vasilyevich with Sofia Paleolog

On November 21, 1472, the Grand Duke of Moscow Ivan III Vasilyevich married the Greek princess and niece of the last Byzantine Emperor Sophia Palaeologus, the grandmother of Ivan IV the Terrible. The marriage was proposed by Pope Paul II, under whose protection the girl was after the fall of the Byzantine Empire. Negotiations about a possible alliance lasted three years.

The wedding took place in the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow. According to legend, the princess brought with her a “bone throne,” known to us as the throne of Ivan the Terrible, as a gift to her husband. This is the oldest throne in the Kremlin collection. It was Sophia Paleologus who established many Byzantine customs in the Grand Duchy of Moscow, and the marriage was supposed to establish the continuity of Moscow to the Byzantine Empire.

First hot air balloon flight

On November 21, 1783, people took to the air for the first time in a hot air balloon. The device was called a hot air balloon after the names of its inventors – the Montgolfier brothers.

A hot air balloon with a shell filled with heated air soared into the air near the castle of La Muette in the Bois de Boulogne on the outskirts of Paris. His passengers were Pilatre des Roziers and the Marquis d’Arlandes.

The balloon rose to a height of 1 km, covered 9 km in 25 minutes and landed on the other bank of the Seine between windmills.

Parisians hailed the pilots as national heroes.

Source: AP 2023

Collapse of the Maxima shopping center

On the evening of November 21, 2013, in one of the residential areas of Riga, the Maxima shopping center, commissioned just two years earlier, collapsed. As a result of the disaster, 54 people were killed and 40 were injured. In memory of the victims of the collapse, three days of mourning were declared in Latvia.

The reasons for the tragedy were identified as errors in the design of the roof and the large amount of building materials on it. At the beginning of 2020, the court sentenced one suspect to 6 years in prison and paid 5 million euros to the victims; eight defendants were acquitted.

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