what happened to Ville Haapasalo after leaving the Russian Federation

Finnish actor Ville Haapasaloknown for his participation in the films “Peculiarities of the National Hunt” and “Love in the City,” after the start of the SVO, he renounced his ties with Russia.

In an interview with the Finnish publication Yle in February this year, Haapasalo shared that he continues to receive job offers from Russia, but has no plans to return to an acting career in this country. He admitted that he had many friends and acquaintances in Moscow, but he was forced to stop communicating with them.

Several years ago, Ville Haapasalo admitted that he regularly drinks alcohol to relieve stress. In one of the interviews, the actor shared his experience, claiming that he first tried alcohol at the age of nine, but learned to drink vodka already in Russia, News.Ru reports.

The Russian actor also complained about his problems with alcohol Sergey Zhigunov. He invited his Finnish colleague to play the role of a Swiss citizen in his debut directorial project, “The Three Musketeers.”

On the first day of filming, Ville Haapasalo appeared on set in a state of intoxication. His speech was incoherent, which is why the filming process had to be suspended. Because of the incident, Sergei Zhigunov lost 3 million rubles in one day.

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