What to do if you get lost in the forest?

In May-September 2023, more than 6 thousand people got lost in Russian forests, reported the press service of the volunteer search and rescue team “LizaAlert”. During the same period last year, there were 4,465 such applications.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations urges people to observe basic safety measures when visiting the forest. The department recommended that before going into the forest, inform your loved ones about your intentions and discuss with them the route and time of return.

You also need to top up your mobile phone balance and check the battery charge.

When going for mushrooms, you need to take with you a compass, matches, a knife, a small supply of water and food. Those who need to constantly take medications must have them with them. In addition, you need to take warm, bright clothes and a raincoat with you.

If you get lost, the Ministry of Emergency Situations advises not to panic, but to dial 112 – it works even when there is no connection or the phone balance is not topped up.

Listen carefully to the sounds. To get out of the forest, follow the noise, it can be heard at different distances: a working tractor (heard 3-4 kilometers away), a dog barking (2-3 kilometers), a passing train (up to 10 kilometers). If possible, climb a tall tree and look around.

In the forest, look for any path, clearing or power line; sooner or later they will lead you to a populated area.

Also try to make as much noise as possible: noise will scare away wild animals. You can make sound signals by hitting trees with a stick; the sound from them travels far throughout the forest.

If it gets dark, find a suitable place to spend the night. It is not recommended to move in the dark; you can get injured by tripping or falling into the water. The Ministry of Emergency Situations recommends choosing a place to spend the night that is high and dry, preferably near a large tree.

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