Which of the foreign artists can speak Russian?

Foreign artists who can amaze you with their knowledge of the Russian language


03/25/2024 11:00

Among foreign artists there are lovers of Russian culture who learned Russian for fun or for the sake of reading Fyodor Dostoevsky, Lev Tolstoy and other classics in the original.

Milu Jovovich And Milu Kunis What unites them is not only that they are namesakes. Both actresses speak Russian fluently. They both have Russian roots, and the future stars, having left with their parents for the USA as children, did not forget about their origins.

Bradley Cooper I dated a Russian model for several years Irina Shayk, and they had a daughter. Cooper loved watching Russian cartoons with the girl and began to involuntarily remember the words and phrases of fairy-tale characters. Once, in one program, he even sang a song from “The Fixies.”

Kate Beckinsale loves French and Russian literature. She understood that only reading in the original, not distorted by translation, allows her to fully experience what the author wanted to convey to readers, and in order to read the classics of Russian literature in their native language, she began to learn Russian.

Natalie Portman she inherited knowledge of the Russian language from her Moldavian ancestors, who, even after emigrating, continued to speak Russian.

Ralph Fiennes I started learning Russian when I was filming a movie Vera Glagoleva “A Month in the Country” based on the play Ivan Turgenev. Even after filming, he continued to study the language, because he really likes Russia and enjoys visiting it.

Jared Leto learned a few phrases in Russian when he was filming “Baron of Arms”, and then he wanted to continue to master the Russian language. Journalists often ask the actor to surprise them with his Russian speech, and once he really surprised and amused one journalist by saying that he stood like an oak tree.

Author Olga Vasilyeva

Olga Vasilyeva – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

Curator Daria Mitina

Daria Mitina – historian, statesman, freelance correspondent and broadcaster of Pravda.Ru

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