Yaroslava Degtyareva explained the failure on the show “The Voice. No longer children”


09.24.2023 22:26

A participant in the show “The Voice. Children”, who shone in the final seven years ago, Yaroslav Degtyarevexplained why she didn’t get into the new season of “The Voice. No longer children.”

She couldn’t even pass the blind auditions. And he believes that it’s all about the chosen song. The 15-year-old contestant spoke about this in an interview with Mash.

An adult participant in “The Voice”, a student Dima Bilanstated that she cried when they chose the song “Oh, it’s not evening.”

According to her, she wanted a “slightly different” composition. Maybe even “Cuckoo” again.

“What was approved was necessary,” the girl explained.

As a result, at the first stage, even the old mentor Bilan did not recognize Yaroslava. The rest of the jury too. And since the season was actively advertised with the performance of “that same” little Yasi, social networks were flooded with hundreds of dissatisfied viewers, the channel notes.

Let’s add, the winner of “The Voice. Children” Danil Pluzhnikov Also couldn’t get through selection for a new project.

Yaroslav Degtyarev. “Cuckoo” – Blind Auditions – Voice Children – Season 3

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