Yulia Vysotskaya spoke about the tragedy on the road in France

Actress and TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya.

Actress and TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Julia Vysotskaya together with my husband Andrey Konchalovsky vacationed in our own villa in Tuscany. The ancient estate is located in a picturesque corner on the seashore. Recently the couple returned from Italy to Russia.

Julia Vysotskaya told fans that it was not easy for her after her vacation. Now she is very busy in the theater. I had to forget about rest. Andrei Konchalovsky’s wife honestly admitted that She looks for inspiration in sports and stories from the biographies of great people.

The actress remembered the sad fate of Sergei Yesenin’s ex-wife. As you know, Isadora Duncan died in France. Her life was cut short by a tragic accident. The dancer got into her friend’s racing car and did not notice how one end of her long scarf was wrapped around the wheel. The noose around her neck tightened instantly.

“It is believed that her last words when she got into the car were: “Goodbye, I’m going to fame.” But there is a version that she said: “I’m going to love.” For some reason it seems to me that it was just like that …” – Vysotskaya shared.

It is worth noting that It was in France that the main tragedy in the actress’s life occurred. In the fall of 2013, her daughter Masha and her father were in an accident. Konchalovsky was driving. He was almost unhurt. The daughter was not wearing a seat belt and suffered a serious head injury and fell into a coma.

Now nothing is known about the condition of the heiress of the artists. Some time ago, information appeared that Masha had regained consciousness and was disconnected from the devices. However, none of the relatives give any comments on this topic.

Let us remind you that Julia became Konchalovsky’s fifth chosen one and his main muse. They have been married for a quarter of a century despite an age difference of 36 years. The actress is involved in almost all of her husband’s productions at the Mossovet Theater, and also played in his films “Paradise”, “Gloss”, “Dear Comrades!” and others.


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