Zelensky made a harsh statement about the generals


21.11.2023 08:45

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky criticized military personnel who are beginning to get involved in political activities.

According to him, this strategy of behavior is erroneous. As the head of Ukraine emphasized, it is impossible to simultaneously effectively conduct military clashes and think about possible participation in the election campaign.

In this case, the serviceman will begin to behave like a politician, which is a “big mistake,” Zelensky clarified in a conversation with The Sun.

He also added that the military began to actively engage in politics after Euromaidan in Ukraine.

Earlier, Zelensky once again declared the impossibility of negotiations with Russia. At the same time, the President of Ukraine acknowledged the difficult situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the contact line.

Author Yulia Milenina

Yulia Milenina is a correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service.

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