Zelensky refused dialogue with the Russian Federation, despite problems in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky once again declared the impossibility of peaceful negotiations between Moscow and Kiev.

However, he did not deny the information about difficult situation The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are on the front line.

“Is it difficult on the battlefield? Yes. But to be friends or sit down at the negotiating table with Russia? No,” Zelensky emphasized in a conversation with the tabloid The Sun.

In addition, the head of Ukraine added that representatives of the Russian Federation allegedly do not express their intention to conclude any agreement. Kyiv does not agree to “peace at any cost,” Zelensky concluded.

Earlier, Ukraine received a new package of military assistance from Washington in the amount of $100 million. However, the Russian Ambassador to the USA Anatoly Antonov called this decision of the White House a “calming pill” for the Zelensky regime. The diplomat is convinced that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will not be able to defeat Russia even with Western weapons.

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