12 people were injured in an accident with a school bus in the Pskov region, three children are in intensive care

“Avoided from a collision”: 12 people were injured in an accident with a school bus in the Pskov region, three children in intensive care

Governor of the Pskov region Mikhail Vedernikov in his Telegram channel he revealed the details of an accident with a school bus in the Pushkinogorsky district.

According to the working version, the driver directed the car into a ditch to avoid crashing head-on into an oncoming heavy truck. According to Vedernikov, at the time of the accident there were 23 people on the bus, 12 of them received various injuries. Among the victims were nine children born in 2006-2010. Three minors are in intensive care.

“According to preliminary data, the bus avoided a collision with a heavy truck. If it is confirmed, it turns out that the driver saved more than 20 people,” the governor noted.

A pre-investigation check is being carried out into the accident, its progress is under the control of the regional prosecutor’s office. It is worth noting that on February 12, freezing rain occurred in the central and southern parts of the Pskov region. But, as Vedernikov noted, the cause of the accident is not weather conditions. Rosavtodor reports that the condition of the road was within normal limits.

The PAZ school bus, which flew into a ditch in the Pushkinogorsky district, was taking high school students and accompanying adults on an excursion along the route Pustoshka village – Pushkinskie Gory.

According to the Telegram channel “112”, in the area of ​​the village of Zahody, Pskov region, an ambulance, which was driving to the scene of an accident with a school bus, also overturned. A paramedic and an ambulance driver were injured in this accident.

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Vitaly Ryzhkov – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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