41-year-old Anna Sedokova named her biggest victory of the past year


12/31/2023 00:13

Among those who are actively summing up the results of 2023 is the former soloist of the group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova. The singer told her subscribers on a banned social network about her key victory in the past year – she was finally able to strengthen her relationship with her eldest daughter Alina Belkevich. The artist admitted that this was largely due to their participation in the reality show “The Last Hero,” which brought them closer and opened them up to each other. “Now, it seems, we know everything about each other,” Sedokova shared her impressions.

As an illustration, the singer shared a luxurious New Year’s video in which she and Alina look like best friends. She also provided some advice for those who have difficulty communicating with their children.

“Don’t be afraid to be strong in the presence of children. Don’t always give in to them in games. Show that they can always rely on you,” Sedokova noted.

The singer also urged not to put pressure on children and try to put yourself in their place, instead of saying “I know better because I’m older.”

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