64 candidates for irregular migration were arrested in the vicinity of the Tangier Med port – Today 24

“Al-Youm 24” learned that a large combing operation took place on Friday in the vicinity of the Tangier Med port complex in the territory of the Fahs-Anjra province in Tangier, and along National Road No. 16 and in the areas surrounding and adjacent to the port complex, within the framework of confronting clandestine migration.

This operation resulted in the arrest of 64 secret immigration candidates of Moroccan nationality, who came from various destinations for the purpose of searching for an opportunity to migrate secretly towards southern Spain. The detainees were also escorted to their original residential areas on two buses.

According to the same source, these combing operations take place throughout the year, so that the number of those arrested during the current year reached a total of 3,802 candidates for clandestine immigration, and they are likely to intensify coinciding with the celebrations of the end of the calendar year and the security campaigns accompanying them.

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