8 ways to use dental floss around the house other than brushing your teeth


12/31/2023 16:47

Dental floss is not only a means of caring for your teeth, but also a universal tool that can help in various situations of everyday life. Few people think about how versatile this modest oral care item is.

Let’s look at eight unexpected ways to use dental floss.

1. Slicing cheese and cake: Dental floss is great for cutting cheese, cake, and other foods into even pieces. Unlike regular floss, dental floss has increased strength, which makes the cutting process more efficient.

2. Instead of culinary thread: If you don’t have any floss, dental floss can be a great alternative. Its heat resistance makes it an excellent option for culinary use.

3. No sewing thread: Dental floss can be used for temporary repairs, such as sewing something up or tying it up. While it won’t replace sewing materials for complex projects, it can be useful for quickly solving small problems.

4. Country affairs: In the countryside, dental floss can be used to tie up plants or create an additional seal. Its durability makes it an indispensable gardening tool.

5. Drying herbs, mushrooms and fruits: Dental floss is resilient and durable, making it an excellent choice for use in drying a variety of foods.

6. Making jewelry: For making bracelets and other jewelry, especially by children, dental floss may be the best option as it remains strong for a long time.

7. Glasses repair: If a screw on your glasses is lost, dental floss can temporarily serve as a replacement. By threading the thread through the holes and tying it in a knot, you can quickly restore the functionality of your glasses.

8. Trips: Travelers can use dental floss to create additional protection for their luggage. Simply tie the dogs together and tie them securely to be visible in the event of a break-in. A lighter can also be useful for tightening threads.

Thus, dental floss, due to its versatility and durability, can become an integral assistant in a variety of situations.

Author Peter Deryabin

Petr Deryabin – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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