90-year-old actor Stanislav Lyubshin felt better: “There were pressure surges. To be on the safe side, he remains in the hospital.”

Actor Stanislav Lyubshin.

Actor Stanislav Lyubshin.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

90-year-old Stanislav Lyubshin found himself in the spotlight after reports of emergency hospitalization in serious condition. People’s Artist Stanislav Lyubshin, despite his advanced age, is in excellent creative shape – he is rehearsing the premiere performance, and was at the theater at the beginning of the week. And here is the news… Lyubshin was indeed hospitalized. But it turned out that the news about the people’s artist’s serious condition was exaggerated.

Deputy Director of the Moscow Art Theater named after. Chekhov public relations officer Vadim Vernik told “Stanislav Andreevich had pressure surges. Now everything is all right. To be on the safe side, he remains in the hospital for now, but does not stop preparing for the premiere.”

October 26 Moscow Art Theater named after. Chekhov celebrates its 125th anniversary. The premiere of Denis Azarov’s play “Row 9” is timed to coincide with this date. 10th, 11th place” based on the play by Yulia Pospelova, written for the anniversary. The action takes place in the Moscow Art Theater in different years. Stanislav Andreevich Lyubshin is preparing to take the stage in this performance. And it will work! And on October 4 you can go to the play “The Third Bell, Gentlemen!” (based on Alexander Kuprin’s story “On Repose”), dedicated to Lyubshin’s 90th birthday, naturally with Stanislav Andreevich in the title role.

Lyubshin was not in intensive care; he is in a regular ward. The doctors’ concern is understandable – they decided to leave the artist in the hospital after his blood pressure had stabilized, given his “serious” age: they would observe him and give him some treatment.

Stanislav Andreevich, even at 90 years old, works at a “young rhythm”; he recently said: “Where do I get my strength? I get up early and do exercises. Then I start working on the role. In every new work, everything starts from scratch for me…” In the summer in Yaroslavl, at a festival of family and children’s films, Lyubshin fought off questions about his well-being: “I feel great. And you should never believe rumors!”


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