A different system will come into effect in domestic stores from tomorrow

He also talked about the bottle and roll redemption system starting on January 1st To telex Oszkár Világi, Deputy CEO of MOL.

The new system might be better for the environment. Source: Pixabay

The bottle exchange system has long been in need of reform, but people are averse to the still unusual new system.

It is inconvenient that until now you could crumple the bottles, but now you will have to return them in the same form. However, collection is good for the environment and our future.

In the redemption system that started on January 1st, manufacturers were given a grace period until July 1st. MOL calculates that very few products with a redemption fee will be put on the market in the first quarter. For a while, there will also be returnable and non-returnable bottles in parallel in the shops, which complicates the situation and does not help to protect the environment either.

It is very important that consumers will be able to distinguish, based on the redemption logo on the label of the bottles, which one requires an extra HUF 50 deposit fee, which they will then be able to redeem. The application, which will be launched in the first days of the year, provides all useful information in addition to the list of reverse automatic machines. HUF 50 per bottle can also be donated to charity. The first program supports children’s treatment, three institutions can receive from the amount offered.

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