A glove from a space suit and carbines: what gifts did Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un exchange?

Indeed, gifts were exchanged

Indeed, gifts were exchanged


Will Aurus be brought to Pyongyang as a gift?

Wednesday, September 13, was undoubtedly the central day in the visit program Kim Jong-un in Russia.

And it’s not just about the negotiations – long, more than five hours, and a detailed tour of the Vostochny cosmodrome.

And – not even so much in the rich Russian table – with amazing dishes.

On this day, the leader of the DPRK became another leader of state to whom Vladimir Putin demonstrated his famous domestically produced Aurus limousine.

The leader of the DPRK not only – from all sides – carefully examined our president’s car. Putin invited the distinguished guest into the salon – he sat comfortably in the back seat.

While driving to the meeting venue, the Russian leader told Kim Jong-un in detail about the technical characteristics of Aurus.

A little later, the Korean leader – also carefully – became acquainted with another limousine of the same brand.

Why am I describing this in such detail?

As you know, Comrade Kim invited Putin to visit the DPRK, and our president gratefully accepted the invitation.

It is possible that the visit will take place this year. Well, why not go to Pyongyang empty-handed?

It may well be that they will bring an Aurus as a gift – the same as the President of Russia.

Korean sword and Russian saber

On Thursday, September 14, at a briefing by the Kremlin official representative for Russian and foreign journalists, questions were also raised about the gifts.

The fact is that in 2019, during the visit of the Korean leader to Russia (he and the head of the Russian Federation also met in Primorye then), Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un gave each other gifts.

The guest brought a Korean sword for our president, which personifies “the strength and soul of the people.” And he took away a Russian saber and a set of glasses with cup holders.

What did high-ranking leaders give each other today?

“Indeed, the exchange of gifts took place,” Peskov confirmed on Thursday, September 14, at his briefing. – We prefer never to “publicize” this much. But, indeed, President Putin gave the Korean leader a glove from a space suit that had been in space several times.

He gave me a carbine (as it turned out later, a hunting carbine – A.G.) of our domestic – Russian production – of the highest quality.

In turn, Putin received a gift from the board – also a carbine made by North Korean craftsmen.

There were other gifts too.

And Kremlin pool journalists brought snakes from Pyongyang

By the way, when President Putin visited Pyongyang in July 2000, he and Kim Jong Il (then the leader of the DPRK) also exchanged souvenirs, but this was not discussed in detail.

The author of these lines had the opportunity, along with other journalists, to cover that visit of our president.

Some of us then brought original souvenirs from a business trip from the DPRK. For some reason, me and several of my colleagues took a liking to… a snake.

In a bottle of vodka.

This “gift” from North Korean soil was kept in my home for a long time – about 10 years.


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