A proposed law in Parliament calls for the creation of a national body for nurses to combat the indiscriminate practice of the profession – Today 24

A proposed law called for “the creation of a national body for nurses as an institution that would frame the work of nurses in all institutions as a mediating institution linking public authorities with practitioners of the profession.”
The law proposal presented by the Justice and Development Group in the House of Representatives believes that this would contribute to framing the course and pattern of nursing treatments provided and effectively contribute to developing health strategies and the foundations of the health economy.
The proposed law stipulates that the authority has “the right to express an opinion on everything related to practicing the profession, especially with regard to legalization and regulation.”
The “Bigidi” representatives attributed the reasons for submitting this proposal to the absence of a national body for nurses, despite them being considered among the legally regulated professions.
And also to “activate Morocco’s commitment to legalizing health professions, especially the nursing profession.”
In addition to “the existence of a law for practicing the profession without the existence of a national body to regulate the practice of the profession.”
They also recorded “the randomness of practicing the profession, which negatively affects the right to health and achieving health security.”
They said, “Enacting a law would legalize professional practice and curb abuses and arbitrary management of illegal practices.”
The memorandum presenting this proposal stated, “The field of nursing occupies special importance within the health system at the national level, and the success of this public service cannot be imagined without the effective contribution of this category, as it is the actual watchdog and entrusted with downloading the basket of treatments, and keeping up with all hospitalizations and treatments that take place.” Within public and private health institutions.”

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