A waiter from Uzbekistan who worked at Crocus saved more than 100 visitors

In the building itself, a young man was breaking down the door and showing in which direction people should run away. When the room was already thoroughly filled with smoke, he noticed a large group of about 80 people on the lower floor and led them to the exit. While the guy was looking for other lost people, he came across a phone lying on the floor with the flashlight on, which Nesibov picked up to illuminate the way. Suddenly the phone rang, the number was identified, and the name Camilla appeared on the display. At the other end, a girl screamed in horror and called for help, saying that everything around her was on fire, and she herself was on the second floor when she fell into some square. Fortunately, Kamil was close to the employees at that moment Ministry of Emergency Situations, was able to explain everything to them, and he, having already inhaled smoke, was taken out into the street. The girl was found and pulled out, and the young man subsequently gave her the found phone through the rescuers.

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