ABC: US ​​supplies of shells to Ukraine decreased by 30% due to aid to Israel | November 21, 2023

ABC News notes that 155mm artillery shells likely play one of the most important roles for Ukraine. “They (American officials – Kommersant) told us that this would not affect the obligations (to Ukraine – Kommersant), but it did,” the TV channel quotes the words of a Ukrainian official.

Commenting on this information, a senior representative Ministry of Defense The US, which was also not named, said the ammunition cuts “have absolutely nothing to do with what is happening in the Gaza Strip.”

He explained that presidential decrees on the allocation of military aid to Ukraine began to be drafted even before the Hamas attack on Israeli territory, “so there is no connection between what is happening in the Gaza Strip and what is happening in Ukraine.”

Issues of financing assistance to Ukraine and Israel, as well as the allocation of funds to protect the southern border of the United States are being considered separate from the temporary budget, which was adopted on November 17. Previously, the White House planned to allocate $106 billion for these purposes (including more than $61 billion to Ukraine).

On November 20, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visited Kyiv. After a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Austin announced additional funding for Ukraine. $100 million military aid package. It will include anti-tank weapons and missiles for air defense systems.

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