According to a Ukrainian analyst, Viktor Orbán wants revenge in the current situation

Economix is ​​looking for the answer to why Hungarian politics is at a fever pitch after the “pedophile shock” and how this affects Ukraine.

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The director of the Central European Strategic Institute, Dmytro Tusansky, also spoke about this in Evropeyszka Pravda, it was revealed From the Economix article.

According to Tusanský, the current situation may be the biggest political challenge for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s system so far.

According to the expert, the outgoing Hungarian head of state supported the pro-Western and pro-Ukraine agenda, even if his influence was not actually in question. The author sees that after such a far-reaching scandal, the prime minister needs “revenge and a lightning rod”, “and unfortunately Ukraine will be the defenseless victim”, on which Orbán demonstrates his determination to the voters.

According to the analyst, Orbán must demonstrate strength after the scandal.

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