According to the Fidesz research institute, the majority of Hungarians accept Katalin Novák’s decision

The majority of Hungarians accept Katalin Novák’s decision, with which the pardon case, which lasted more than a week, ended without explanation, with the acceptance of political responsibility, writes Infostart.

The Nézőpont Institute writes that “more than four-fifths of Hungarians (85 percent) have heard about the pardon case, on which the left built a hypocritical, disparaging campaign.

It is not surprising that 83 percent of those who were informed about the case do not agree with the pardon decision of the President of the Republic.

All in all, according to 70 percent of Hungarians, Katalin Novák’s resignation from the office of President of the Republic due to the pardon case was the right decision (19 percent said it was not).

In order for the pardon of the President of the Republic to be valid, the signature of Judit Varga, the Minister of Justice at the time, was also required. The former minister resigned from her position as a member of parliament, a decision that 69 percent of Hungarians also agree with (16 percent do not).

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