add these components to the planting hole

How to plant honeysuckle correctly: add these components to the planting hole


02/12/2024 19:15

Honeysuckle is an excellent crop that is distinguished by early sweet berries. The bush is unpretentious and can withstand frosts down to -40°C and below. Most varieties begin to bloom and bear fruit in the third year. Flowering occurs in May and the fruits ripen in June.

Honeysuckle propagates by seeds, cuttings and dividing the bush. Green cuttings with two pairs of leaves are planted in a greenhouse or beds with temporary shelter. This method is effective as the cuttings take root quickly.

Honeysuckle is planted in autumn or spring. The pits must be at least 40 cm deep. Compost, ash, superphosphate are added to each and watered with water. When planting, the roots are distributed over the hole, covered with soil, compacted and mulched with compost. Honeysuckle does not require complex care. The formation of a bush is recommended after three years of growth, and fruiting reaches its peak in the 7th year. After 20 years, the bush ages and bears less fruit, writes the Zen channel “Gardening”.

NINE tips on how to grow HONEYSUCKLE in your country house. Honeysuckle planting and care, beneficial properties.

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