Alexey Kupin showed what gift he gave his girlfriend


12/30/2023 14:31

Former participant in the “people’s TV show” “House-2” Alexey Kupin celebrated a month of relationship with his now official girlfriend Teresa, giving her an original gift – a joint helicopter flight over the island of Bali. Fans of Alexey’s blog expressed joy for him in the comments under the post. However, not all statements were positive.

“Then I’ll sign again when they break up. She’ll eat him up. Lekha won’t last long. A year at most,” “They chose the girl, it’s terrible! What’s left! She’ll ruin you!”, “She’s not right for him. Relationships for PR,” – Users expressed their opinions.

Other followers of the Dom-2 star, on the contrary, noted that the girl showed a new side of herself and wished happiness to the couple.

Author Maria Petrova

Maria Petrova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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