all six reasons for such jumps


12/30/2023 21:22

There’s no doubt that your love for aquarium fish is genuine, but you may also recognize that they aren’t the smartest pets.

Oxygen levels: Fish draw oxygen from the water through their gills, and if the level is insufficient, they may experience difficulty breathing. In search of oxygen-rich air, fish may make strange jumps out of the aquarium.

Water quality: Poor water quality can cause stress in fish. Elevated levels of ammonia, nitrites, unbalanced pH levels, or the presence of waste can negatively impact their comfort. Stressed fish may exhibit a variety of behaviors, including attempting to escape from the tank.

Aggression: In a crowded aquarium, fish may become territorial or aggressive. Being chased or stalked by tank mates can encourage fish to attempt to avoid conflict by jumping out of the water.

Territorial behavior: Some fish species are territorial in nature. If threatened or feeling a lack of space, they may try to create a new territory by going outside the aquarium.

Food and loot: Fish, being opportunistic feeders, can jump for food, insects or small organisms at the surface of the water. Such actions are often characteristic of fish, which are natural jumpers.

Spawning behavior: During the breeding season, some fish exhibit unusual behavior, including jumping. This may be due to the need to lay eggs in a new location or as part of a mating ritual.

Author Peter Deryabin

Petr Deryabin – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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