Anna Donáth condemns the politics of Klára Dobrev and her party so much that she is only willing to thank her at most

It has been said many times that the possible victory of the opposition can only be achieved with its full cooperation, but the “hatred” of Momentum and DK will almost certainly prevent this.

As an EP representative, Anna Donáth believes with Katalin Cseh they did a lot to ensure that as many directly callable EU funds as possible arrived. According to him, it is in Hungary’s fundamental interest that local governments and civil organizations can borrow much more money by avoiding the government. He considers it a big problem that the government chooses who gives and who doesn’t, the interests of the locals are not important, but the color of the mayor and the board.

Anna Donáth does not hide her dislike for the politicians of the DK Photo: MTI

At the same time, he said it many times to Blikk-talk’s questionthat condemns the policy of the Democratic Coalition to a great extent. This kind of “hate” has now gone to the point where

Anna Donáth travels to Brussels or Strasbourg as an EP representative, and she and Klára Dobrev only say hello on the plane.

“I’m terribly picky about one thing. The fact that we have been living in this Orbán system for the fourteenth year now, but it is still a question of how technically which party or political formation in the opposition can cooperate with the other instead of talking about what we want. I’m not talking about them, I’m not talking about people, I’m talking about politics and responsibility. This is what the voters are really interested in,” stated the president of Momentum.

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