Another twist: according to MÁV, the Budapest pass cannot be used from March 1

If true, the Budapest passes can only be used until March 1.

MTVA/Commissioner: László Róka

The MÁV-VOLÁN group published a clarification regarding the agreement between the capital and public service providers on Sunday. According to this, the situation with Budapest passes is not quite the same according to the agreement as published by the BKK: Budapest passes can only be used on Volánbüz agglomeration flights and MÁV-HÉV flights until the first of March.

According to the technical agreement made public a few days ago, from January 1, 2024, Budapest passes can still be used according to the usual practice on the agglomeration Volánbüz routes and MÁV-HÉV routes, but at the same time, according to the decision of the Ministry of Construction and Transport, which exercises ownership rights, the temporary solution will last until March at the latest will be in effect until the first, until the introduction of the new tariff system

– they wrote in their announcement sent to MTI.

The Budapest Transport Center announced on Friday that it has concluded a tripartite agreement with MÁV-HÉV and Volánbus that ensures the preservation of the current tariff system.

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