Auto experts explained why the latest engines are short-lived


12/29/2023 18:11

Why have engines capable of traveling a million kilometers disappeared? This question asked by an expert Alexey Revin, has underlying philosophical implications. He discusses in detail the steps taken by manufacturers to create car engines that are lighter, more powerful, more environmentally friendly, but unfortunately less durable over long distances.

From this text you can extract several useful conclusions about how to make the most of a modern engine. One of these conclusions is the following: strict environmental standards force automakers to equip engines with additional systems aimed at reducing the level of harmful emissions in exhaust gases. Such systems include catalytic converters, particulate filters, AdBlue and EGR systems.

All these devices complicate the design of the engine and, in the absence of failures, do not affect its service life. However, for example, if low-quality fuel is used, the catalytic converter may overheat. This can lead to an increase in exhaust resistance, an increase in temperature in the cylinder head and, as a result, accelerated wear of the valves, cracks in the exhaust manifold and scuffing of the piston group.

A simple conclusion: follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the gasoline you use and refuel only at large chain gas stations.

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