bare feet and school discipline

Unique features of local life in Sri Lanka: bare feet and school discipline


03/24/2024 21:31

One of the most striking features of local life can be seen on the streets of the cities and towns of Sri Lanka: the majority of residents of this tropical island prefer to walk without shoes. Whether they’re at the market, the supermarket or even some offices, many locals take off their shoes to enjoy the coolness under their feet. This tradition has deep roots dating back to ancient times and symbolizes respect for the land.

It was also an unexpected discovery for tourists how strictly school uniforms are observed in Sri Lanka. From the youngest classes to the graduating class, all students are dressed in immaculate snow-white shirts, skirts or trousers. The slightest irregularities or careless appearance are not tolerated – a neat appearance is a prerequisite in every educational institution.

Author Victoria Gusakova

Victoria Gusakova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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