Biden is tired of the years he has lived

Old Joe must be wary of the revelations that his political opponents are ready to bring down on him.

Old Joe must be wary of the revelations that his political opponents are ready to bring down on him.


For a number of reasons, current US President Joe Biden has become a favorite hero of authors of books, Internet memes and jokes. And all because the elderly head of the White House performs acts for the public almost every day – he either gets lost in space or talks outright nonsense.

But American political commentator Franklin Foer, working on his book dedicated to Biden, “The Last Politician,” did not collect rumors and gossip, but, as he himself stated, used “only exclusive information received from members of Biden’s team of long-time advisers.”

Foer clearly tried to maintain neutrality towards his hero. But the book turned out in such a way that, as critics write, “even when the author tries to praise or justify Biden, he still appears in it in a far from best light, most often as an irritable old man who is not at ease.”

“The Last Politician”


Biden’s advanced years did prove to be a hindrance. Because of this, it was even necessary to change the White House work schedule – the president holds almost no work meetings and does not participate in public events in the morning. He allegedly admitted more than once in a narrow circle that he “feels tired of his age.”

“His image reflects physical decline and dulling of mental abilities. And no pills or any exercise can do anything about this,” members of Biden’s team told Foer. They stated: “Age takes its toll.”

People who have known the president for a long time say that he is indecisive and undisciplined, and generally lives for today, without a strategic vision. The latter is especially often blamed on him, but Foer, pointing to old age, believes that “an older generation politician thinks in the short term because he cannot live long.”


In March 2022, speaking in Warsaw, Biden suddenly stunned everyone by declaring that “The President of Russia cannot remain in power.” These words were then perceived by many as an open call for a change of power in Moscow, which caused fear and rejection even among Washington’s closest allies. The Western press immediately switched to criticizing Biden, calling him “a braggart with no self-control.” The American president’s aides immediately began to justify themselves, calling their boss’s improvisation in words “devoid of a call for a change of power in Russia.” But instead of somehow smoothing out the situation, Biden began to be indignant: in his opinion, “they cleaned up the dirt behind him and treated him like a child.” “Has John Kennedy ever been coddled like that?!” the 46th head of the White House said then, forgetting that Kennedy was one of the youngest American presidents, winning the election when he was 43 years old.


Biden’s biographers write that he never managed to become rich even at the end of his political career. Although this statement is controversial in light of the investigation that has begun in the United States about the Biden family receiving tens of millions of dollars from Chinese and Ukrainian companies. Also, the current President of America has never been considered an intellectual capable of influencing the minds and sentiments of society. Therefore, Biden, Foer argues, has a “persistent dislike of the intellectual elite.” In particular, to one of his predecessors – Harvard graduate and fellow Democratic Party member Barack Obama. The first black US president, Biden complained, “did not show due respect” to his oldest colleague. And for some reason, Biden was dissatisfied with the fact that “Obama could not pronounce “fuck you!” with the correct lengthening of vowels and the necessary firmness of consonants.

Old Joe has a low opinion of his deputy, US Vice President Kamala Harris. She, it turns out, is “extremely sensitive to even a hint of criticism and allows herself to be controlled by criticism.”

As for his main political opponent, as the book reports, Biden’s hatred of Trump is off the charts. Exclusively due to the fact that the 45th President of the United States managed to earn billions before entering big politics.


“Even Zelensky’s most ardent supporters in the White House agreed that it was a complete failure,” is how Foer describes Biden’s first meeting with the President of the Square, which took place in September 2021, citing his own sources in the US presidential administration.

This meeting was a failure because “the Ukrainian president behaved inappropriately, bombarding Biden with demands, including a request to join NATO.” White House advisers told Foer: “Zelensky’s disappointments have overshadowed his ability to logically. He suddenly began to give a lecture about how NATO is a useless historical relic, a relic of the past, and then for some reason he began to convince Biden that Germany and France would soon leave the Alliance. This was absurd and blatantly contradictory and infuriated Biden.” So the first impression of Zelensky is still among the most unpleasant in the memory of the old American leader, and he remembers how the stupid words of the Ukrainian president angered him.


The book “The Last Politician” is in demand and there is great interest in it. And it is hardly by chance that it was published in the midst of the US election campaign, the main intrigue of which, it would seem, is already known: everyone is wondering whether Biden will live to see his own elections? But Foer believes that it is possible that the current US President will withdraw his bid for re-election by the end of this year. “This will not be a big shock to anyone,” Foer said at the launch of his book.

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