Cancellations of concerts and corporate events “undercover”: how artists who left the Russian Federation earn money


12/29/2023 22:49

December, known as the busiest month for artists, has seen changes in the touring activities of prominent musicians, especially those who received the status of foreign agents after the start of the special operation. A study by the Izvestia newspaper showed that visiting concerts of emigrants from Russia meet with little interest. An attempt to organize a New Year’s concert in Dubai by Zemfira* failed due to insufficient demand for tickets, the cost of which ranged from 125 to 250 thousand rubles. Singer Svetlana Loboda faced a similar problem, whose performances do not attract Russian and Ukrainian viewers.

Russian emigrants who chose accessible countries also faced a limited number of concert venues and reduced fees. Information from the industry is confirmed by the absence of announcements of foreign agent concerts in the coming months after the New Year’s events. In addition, New Year’s corporate parties are held with a limited number of participants.

Nevertheless, emigrated artists continue to perform both abroad and in their homeland. Experts note that leaving the country is not always a definite sign, and some artists wisely remain silent about it. Event organizers confirm that performances in closed formats are planned not only abroad, but also in their home country.

*recognized as a foreign agent

Author Angelina Efremova

Angelina Efremova – freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru, student at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov

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