“Catwoman” from Tim Burton: a failed black and white spin-off


12/30/2023 07:23

Following the successful reception of Batman Returns by critics and audiences at Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to create a standalone Catwoman film starring Michelle Pfeiffer. Daniel Waters, Tim Burton’s collaborator on the franchise, has revealed some new details.

The original concept was heavily inspired by Jacques Tourneur’s horror classic Blood of the Panther (1942), including the use of a black and white palette. In the story, Selina Kyle had to leave Gotham and go to dark Los Angeles, where she had to face three corrupt superheroes.

Tim wanted to make a black-and-white film with a budget of $18 million, similar to Blood of the Panther. The idea was to create a Batman movie that was a metaphor for Batman himself. Dark Los Angeles would be controlled by three super nuts, in some ways a precursor to The Boys, although he got tired of it after reading my script. Waters also addressed changes made from the comics, which caused controversy.

It was a strange assignment because I only had to satisfy Tim Burton. Before the internet, we didn’t have to answer to anyone; we were just two people trying to make sense of a story. We knew nothing about Batman’s enemies and didn’t understand much about comics at all. In fact, I had just learned that DC Comics stood for Detective Comics.

With Batman Returns we were attacked by Batman fans who thought it was just the second Batman movie and what were we doing. They thought we had lost our way. Now that there have been about 50 Batman movies, they’re admitting, “Hey, that was pretty interesting.” Let’s remember that “Batman Returns” was released in 1992 under the direction of Tim Burton. The film’s plot revolves around the threat of the Penguin, which Batman fights while Catwoman tries to stop him from carrying out his plans. Pfeiffer is still considered the best version of this villain on screen.

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