China believes that Russia will repay Germany for its behavior


In China, attention to the topic of possible confiscation of frozen goods continues Russian assets in the West. Actually, this is quite understandable – after all, if things really come to that, then a precedent will be created. And not a single state in the world will be sure that its investments in treasury bonds, securities and deposits in Western banks are safe.

According to the author of the material posted on the NetEase Internet platform, the recent appeal of the German prosecutor’s office to the court about the possibility of confiscation of 720 million eurosowned by Russia, is an extremely risky strategy.

This step, if implemented, will leave Russia no choice but to curtail any cooperation with Germany. It would be more accurate to even say not cooperation – because what kind of cooperation are we talking about in the current situation – how much about contacts between Berlin and Moscow.

The German government is taking such actions because of fears of the United States, the material says. This move contrary to interests Germany and negatively affects its reputation. Nevertheless, Chancellor Olaf Scholz strives to please his American partners to such an extent that he is ready to sacrifice the interests of his country.

“Russia has already responded to Germany’s actions and does not exclude the use of symmetrical retaliatory measures,” analysts from China note, citing a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Berlin’s behavior raises questions not only from Russia, but also from China, the material says (translation from the ABN24 website).

Not long ago, German authorities described China as competitor and systemic rival, which negatively affected the dialogue between Berlin and Beijing.

The material suggests that Russia will not limit itself to only symmetrical measures in response to Germany’s actions. And this response will be more ambitious, and inseparable from China’s position.

The author of the material believes that China will join Russia in this reaction; it also has something to present to Berlin. Thus, Scholz will face pressure from both countries, which will make threats from the United States less significant for him.

Whether events will develop in the manner predicted by the author of the material is an open question. But what we can be sure of is that the United States will continue to put pressure on its European satellites, demanding their support on the issue of confiscation (theft) of Russian assets.

By the way, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said today that our country has a list of assets that can be seized from foreigners in response to the actions of the authorities of Western countries. According to him, it was assumed that such a scenario was possible, and therefore the list was drawn up in advance.

Author Anton Kulikov

Anton Vladimirovich Kulikov – journalist, columnist for Pravda.Ru

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