Coach Abramova recommended exercises for body balance

Coach Abramova recommended exercises for body balance


03/25/2024 06:17

Yoga trainer Elena Abramova told how to learn to maintain body balance.

“Balance helps us not to fall into ice, mobilize resources and get to our destination, not to the emergency room,” said the international coach Olga Melyakova.

She noted that to maintain balance, the muscular corset must be well developed. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, your sense of balance may be disrupted.

Yoga trainer Elena Abramova She said that there are several techniques for balance. For example, training on an unstable surface. They include deep muscles that keep our body upright. Walking or running on uneven surfaces can also help improve your balance.

“Stand up straight, transfer your body weight to one leg. Your pelvis is directed forward. Place your hands on your pelvis. The second leg is slightly extended back. As you inhale, begin to lean forward and down, bringing your body parallel to the floor. The second leg is stretched back and rises up. Free “The leg rises up until a straight line is maintained from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. As you exhale, return to the starting position. Do 8-12 times and change the supporting leg,” explained the exercise Abramova.

She noted that you can learn to keep a good balance in yoga classes.

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